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JobsMedia is India’s most well-known media and communication job-board, with a following of tens of thousands of professionals and aspirants all over India.

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To Post A Job

Mention the following details:

  • Name of your organisation
  • Name of the city in which the vacancy is
  • Designation offered
  • Brief job profile
  • Experience required for the job
  • Salary range offered
  • Name of the contact person
  • Contact person’s email address
  • Contact person’s phone number (This is for JobsMedia’s record. Your number won’t be published unless asked.)

Email The Details To

Dos & Don’ts

  1. JobsMedia is exclusively for media and communication sectors. Jobs not pertaining to these sectors may be rejected.
  2. Please send this mail from your official email ID. It helps JobsMedia ascertain the authenticity of your post.
  3. Please ensure sufficient storage space in your email account. Often, the flood of responses (see example) cause storage quotas to exhaust, causing job application mails to bounce.
  4. It is recommended that you attach your organisation’s logo (JPG/GIF/ PNG, preferably not more than 250×250 pixels).
  5. Incomplete information results in poor ad response, so please mention all details as asked. If you wish to conceal any information (such as your phone number), please mention so.
  6. We don’t accept ads for unpaid jobs unless they are internship programs.